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Hello and welcome to a new Inspiring stories. In this post I am writing about my favourite decade of music, The 80’s as I was a young child and born in 78 and as soon as I am remember I fell in love with music and still I play a lot of songs from the 80’s that brings me so much joy of the memories I have.

The first type of music from the 80’s as I saw it was very original, powerful ballads and some good electronic songs. I forgot that before I became a fan of Dollar and Bucks Fizz I used to listen to Juice Newton who mixed rock with country and western music, and then as I got to the age 5 it then became pop and soul music.

In the 80’s the pop culture was huge with young girls dressing like Madonna and men dressing up as Micheal Jackson who in the 80’s became a sole artist selling over million records and captivated the music industry in a different genre by created inspirational videos one being of course Thriller. It also became a norm when singers like Micheal Jackson and Madonna entered into the film industry to further their careers and then Motown became a sound and musically of its own.

It was when many groups became solo artists like Phil Collins, George Micheal, Freddy Mercury and Micheal Jackson.

Best 1980s Albums - Rolling Stone

With the music came the fashion and many girls dressing up to be like Madonna and it was the last decade to feature ABBA;s music and they would wear differnt outfits we all remember to and then there was the male and female pop groups. The band I ever saw i the 80’s was Bananarama and then Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue.

Peter Gabriele who was lead singer of Gensis became a sell out solo artist with Sledgehammer and then the Communards, The Cure, A-HA and more and more bands came into the light of fame.

Then came the soaps Eastenders, Emmerdale, Coronation street and Brookside. Corrie and Emmerdale were already soaps when Eastenders came along and some came from the UK TV show called Grange Hill. I knew Vinnie who was in it with Todd Hardy when I lived down the southcoast for a while and then a lot of the Soap actors UK and Australia became popstarts too.

There was also fashion with puff ball skirts and acid t-shirts that then lead into the 90’s and before that you had charity causes with charity songs like We Are The world and the first time all UK bands and singers and the USA came together to raise money for Charity for causes like Comic Relief and it put a lot stars on map having new set of singers and bands.

Then you had theme tunes for comedians, TV Charactors like Sooty and Basil Brush that had their own shows and even went to see them after we had our Wimpy’s that weekend and was when I did dancing an performing at the Syvia Dales Dancing school and then took up Ballroom Dancing and Latin.

It will be my decade that even now I wish I could relive some of it. Not school as I hated it but playing out on my estate using break times at school to sing and dance and would learn words of songs int he charts. Such a fantastic decade of wonderful works of art.

If you like these kind of blogs then please let me know as I will post more and have a great rest of the week.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X