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A lot of people like I did at one time, That they are a kind that is surreal in a good way and that it is a world of happiness and wonderful weddings, who wore wonderful wedding gowns and lovely “Out of reach” clothes.

The Monarchy is our biggest asset in the UK, yet we have often like myself been betrayed by their clear cut image, when now its, “They are human and so do live as real people of the monarchy”. They aren’t out of reach, and they do feel, think and cry. They have suffered with lose, mental health and criticism.

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“The are people who do good deeds to use their roles to support and help people”.

So can we learn from them? YES!

When it comes to be of Royal Heritage its that you shouldn’t have worries, and I’ve seen on TV when they have captured the Queen possibly in tears and those reacting in a way athat if the she cries is wrong, and she should be strong and keep her head up.

Being in the monarchy you are instantly responsible for restoring the Royal Families Reputation, and that you have to look ready to take on the role of possibly being the next Queen or King. They have to follow royal dutiess and like Meghan give up her life as an actor. She was seen as an unusual candidate to be a member of the Royal Family, and now she is being perceived as the enemy and an issue to the royal relm.

I ask then in that instance. Who is the ideal candidate and should they follow in the modern times when selecting their Princess or Prince to be. Should be a millionaire and have some Royal connection, like Sarah Ferguson’s dad who looked after the Queens horses.

Being someone who is interested in people and families, should the head of the household, if there is such a thing now, should they always keep a frame of “Nothing’s going to bother me” “I’m not someone who wants to show emotion as I am letting the side down if I do”.

Yet we are all human. The Queen I could see from footage that when there was a fire at Windsor Castle, that she was devastated and upset by it. We all wood if that was our home, and I remember people were like “Well she has many homes why should she care about that one, and its not as though she will end up homeless”, but its still is her home, many pictures in Windsor castle were damaged and they were there placed by her anseters.

So the lesson for me here is, if had a castle and it went up in flames how would you feel?

Why shoujd I be upset that I have other homes and it will fix it self I’ve got money?

We all want our homes no matter where they are or what they are, it is okay to be upset being someone at the head of a company or of a Monarchy and we all are still allowed no matter where we are in our lives deserve the right to be upset when something like a fire damages our homes and we all have hearts so why should the Royal Family be any different?

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X