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Hello and welcome! so it is time to write a New Inspiring stories post and because it is National Womens Month, I am talking about Women of the Monarchy in this post because I have and still am very much a Royalist and so the Royal Family I feel should be talked about, as there have been many women now of the Monarchy that even when it was a “Mans World” they took charge of the country and commonwealth, that they changed history, because they were female ambassadors looking after countries, which meant often being ruthless and being above the male community.

Queen Victoria - Wikipedia

Queen Victoria

The first long reining Queen of England who like Elizabeth the II had a Golden Jubilee and was Queen for over 60 years and was very much the peoples Queen, as she would look after the poor aswell as the rich and was the one to be head of the British and Commonwealth Government, and she and Williams Shakespear were family which not many knew about, yet he was the Queen’s cousin, but wanted like the Royals today, be a famous writer but live like normal folk.

However it was him who helped Queen Victoria to read and write and were like brother and sister, and he was at one time one of her foot soldiers which not many people knew about and always respected his relationship with Queen Victoria and was a character he added into one of his most famous books.

Guess which one it is? I will tell you at the end. Keep reading!

She was very young when she became head of the throne and was a little fearful like I am sure we would all feel, and it did take her a while to adjust to her leading role and was very very shy. It was Albert her love, not just her Prince who helped her build her confidence as she wanted to be the first Queen to bring positivity to the world and bring the world together, and many countries did. Her and Albert were very much in love, yet it was a long winded beginning as she like many women of the monarchy guarded herself, in case she fell in the arms of the wrong person, and so it was a year or two years later that they actually became a very in love couple and he became her Prince and very much a Royal Everlasting unit, and I think this laid out what kind of woman she was.

To be the head of the Monarchy you have to be very much the authoriative to the family and the country you become head of state of, and was always cheered and never let people of Britain and other fellow countries down, and was great asset to the Head of the Monarchy, and I think from knowing the Queen as I do, that this continued onto our Queen of today, as she too is also seen like her lovely mother, The Queen Mother, the People’s Queen aswell.

The Queen Mother

So the Queen Mother was a Queen herself but it was her husband who became Head of the Monarchy, but she was the one who stood by him to help her family and the families of Britain through the 1st and 2nd World War, and it they didn’t evacuate, because the Queen’s mum saw it that, if the families who have no palaces can stay where they are, then so should she and her children.

My nan evacuated and didn’t like it so came back to London and would use their airaid shelter where they lived to protect them, and did you know they camped out sometimes the Queen mother and Who was the Kings, her husbands name? See at the end.

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The Queen Mother loved people and would during the war when people needed someone like her for support would visit the damage of it and helped give those who lost their homes, shelter and food. It was devastating and I think noone would ever know what it truly was like unless you were there too.

Lady Diana

So Who am I talking about? A Lady who was very shy but had a heart of gold and was called “The Queen of Hearts” and let me tell you YES SHE WAS! Now to address one thing. She did not have a bad relationship with the Queen, Prince Phillip, Princess Anne or even Prince Charles, you know who stirred that all up? The Tabloids, because that is what they do when there isn’t much news going around so they make stories up about the Royal Family and other famous people.

Love this image of Princess Diana and her two sons, Prince William and  Prince Harry | Princess diana photos, Princess diana, Diana

So Lady Diana, was very much a local girl of London and was when she began to attract attention of possibly being a new member of the Royal Family, in what I have done and that is, being a Nusery Nurse, because she was so natural in the way she loved children and people, that it seemed to at the time fit into place.

She turned heads because she was the first lady of fashion of that era, so the 80’s and drew a lot of attention because she was seen as the New Sweetheart of the Royal Family and she was so beautiful, because of her innocence and shyness, that you couldn’t not look at her without affection.

I remember seeing her with my Nan, walking to work and for ages I used to call her “The Pretty London Lady” as I was so taken with her, that when she became a member of the Royal Family I already thought she was, and was so mesmerised that this lady was a “Real Princess”. To me she was living a true Fairytale story and remember celebrating her wedding in mine and another housing estate having street parties, and along with Lady Diana, was featured in the Fulham Chronical, and I loved her.

She was the first to help and meet people with Aids and it shook the medical world when that became the new Pandemic of the 80’s and she didn’t hesitate in wanting to be a Patroen of the Aids Charity.

Her rein did come with turbelents, and took a break when her and Prince Charles separated and the got divorced from public duty, as she did have Demons, like all of us, but she never stopped caring for others, and I think she would like many women, put her own issues on hold to help others, but I felt she needed that break, because being a member for the Royal Family often and no not because of the Queen or other members, but could be a lonely world at times.

Yet her work didn’t stop and went onto get rid of Landmines that were stemed from the wars and certain countries didn’t get rid of them and so tried to have them safetly removed as kids would play on these places innocently without knowing and were getting killed.

I am not going to talk about her death as I don’t feel comfortable about sharing this, but I was very sad and she created a legacy of love and empowerment that has carried on in her two boys, who got back the respect of the Royal Family and it is important we keep it going, for the next generations to love them too.

Princess Margarette

So she is the Queen’s younger sister and was very much the Fashion Princess like Diana, as the Queen had her own style but as she was the sister she was seen as the beauty Princess of her generation, and the Queen loved her, and I see Zara in Lady Margarette which her friends would call her, as she loved socialising and loved a tipple and yes was a smoker, but what I mean is never allowed her Royal status to being a True Londoner and would eat a cooked breakfast without hesitation, and would say the London quote “What good in nature is good in the gander”.

Many frowned on this, as it was see as “Not what a Royal would do” but she loved to be normal and never used her Royality as a barrier to be a people’s person and a socialiser. My Nan would often speak with her, when my family lived in Bolton Gardens, and she was very glamourous, and there is a video and photo of her where she has her lovely hair in like a twisted bun with an off the shoulder dress and was like “The Royal Elizabeth Taylor”.

Princess Margaret of Vice — Sip & Shine Podcast

Now again I am not going to talk about her death to be respectful to her older sister the Queen, but they idolised one another and when the Queen made with Margarette via radio, a speech to families during the second world war, it was a team effort and the Queen did get bothered by the fact that, people thought it was just her, because as she said “It was a team effort” so her sister aswell, but often they would sound a like, but Margerette and the Queen did it together, because they wanted to reach out to mainly other children, which they were, and to let them know they were thinking of them and to help the nation, Britain stay strong.

ITV Royal Documentary Explores Queen Elizabeth II's War Time Years - Variety

She loved the Theatre and would open many shows in the West end and see many shows debut like Les Miserable, the Phantom of the Opera and loved the Royal Variety and sometimes attended these aswell.

In my view she along with Prince Phillips became the Queens support along with their mum and made the family, with all its hurdles that arose, to be where it is today, Well respected and a new Royal Community.

So thank you so much in reading my blog and yes i will do more about the Monarchy including the Majesty the Queen, but for now thank you to mam and thank you to him who is my Uncle Bark who at the end of his shows would selute and say God Save the Queen

Carrie L.M X