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So each week I write an Inspiring stories post and thank you so far for your kind feedback I am so glad you are liking them. So this week it is about The Comedy with a lot of War History and still there is Clive Dunn and Ian Lavender who were stars in the sitcom who have lots of stories as most are no longer here but in spirit still, and told the story of Veterans who petrolled the streets of London and Britain whilst other folk went out to fight across the globe in World War 2 which it was set, and that is Dad’s Army.

  • It is a brilliant comedy with a brilliant catchy tune, “Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler”, and the majority of the cast were in fact retired and came out of retirement to be in the show.

It showed the funny side of the war and how they would try to make friends with the enemy and was a constant pop at Germany our arch rivals and a lot of it was, off the cuff and not scripted. They never did that many takes and sometimes left the bloopers in as it made it even funnier.

My favourite one is when they have to sleep in a barn and comaflage themselves in hay, and my favourite Pike played by the wonderful Ian Lavendar is dressed up like a Gangster.

Image result for free clipart images of Ian Lavendar is dads army dressed as a gangster

Clive Dunn who I also adored and I know someone who knew him very well as he was a local gentleman, a Londoner, and as Ian Lavendar was a teenager when it was filmed as he was the clerk in Captain Manoring’s Bank, was taken under their wing and was famous for the catchphrase of Mr Manoring “Stupid Boy” whilst Clive Dunn’s charactor catchphrase was, “Don’t Panic Mr Manoring”.

Many of it was filmed in a studio outside London and in the countryside where they could build pretend trenches and use it to look like a battlefield and had leaves over their helmets with pretend weaponry.

Image result for free clipart images of Ian Lavendar is dads army dressed as a gangster

It first aired in 1959 and was black and white and then when they did more shows in the 80’s it was in colour and again many retired and then came back again to be in those episodes too.

You can always tell a good comedy when the whole cast show there enjoyment of being in it and you can see many are laughing along with the audience.

Now they are shown on UK Gold and they are still as funny as they were back then and would be a relief after the war as the serious side of it was that many that fought didn’t make it back home, and so it made good TV, because sometimes coming to terms with such an iconic event, it enabled the country to look back and laugh about parts of World War 2 and celebrates it in a way that no other show did.

Image result for free clipart images of Ian Lavendar is dads army dressed as a gangster

There were many episodes made that didn’t get aired and so they have tried to remake some of the shows, and I suppose it gives others a chance to experience being in such an iconic comedy like that and was timeless. The gags were rememberable and all the cast were national treasures and will live on to be one of the best UK Sitcomes ever made on British TV, and you can’t bit the classics and the material was good because it wasn’t overly staged and was good from the start of the show to the end.

Image result for free clipart images of dads army

Dad’s Army you are a fine art and the writers deserve a cheers because it bought happiness to all our homes and will continue to do so. It does help me keep memories as I would watch it with my Nan and Grandad, which others have claimed too, and yes was tremendous TV.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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