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Hello and welcome! This is my Weekly Inspiring stories post and this week it is the Little Fella with the glasses and who I like to call, Uncle Corby – who was known to those who saw him on the Tele and that is Ronnie Corbett. He and Uncle Bark were not just a double act they were in fact like some peope who knew them both well “The comical brothers with the same glasses”, and they met when they were both at college and University and in fact they did go to the same school but back then never spoke a word to each other.

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Uncle Bark’s other bestfriend was the Little Fella named Granville to many who loved Open all hours and who David used to call “The Governor” and they both Ronnie Corbett and David Jason thought the same, but Ronnie Corbett was destined to also have shows of his own too, like Uncle Bark and David Jason, and have his own Status in the acting and comedy world.

Uncle Corby loved his Comedy and never really liked serious roles, and was always going to be a comedian and do stand up and sketch shows.

Ronnie Corbett did also write and created the sitcom Sorry where he would have a controlling mother, that sounds like home for me. She would not allow him out of her site and would control his life even when it came to love, and was a great success.

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Here he is with his Grandchildren and was very much a family man and a traditionalist in the respect of not working Christmas day and always loved celebrating such holidays with his children and Grandchildren and had three boys in fact.

You’d think that due to his rein in show business that they too would have followed in Uncle Corby’s footsteps but they never did and wanted life out of the limelight and often Ronnie would take a break each year to do the same sometimes.

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Here he is with his OBE, and was very much a Royalist and an Ambassdor of the Variety club performing and entertaining us on many Royal Variety Performances.

The Royal Variety show if you ever get a chance to be in one, is the top of the bill show, you want to be part of, one day. Especially if you are an Actor, singer, comedian or others arts.

Ronnie Corbett, loved flying and did do flying lessons and is a qualified Pilot which again not a lot of people know and like Jonathon Ross, is a collector of the famous comets. He had every comic ever created and you may have seen my stories in them too. I know you may not believe that, but true honest.

Its people like Uncle Corby that inspired other comedians, actors and writers, and didn’t know that Uncle Bark was always writing sketches for him, as Uncle Bark would use a different name and Uncle Corby was the noise of the Phantom Raspberry Blower, and was written by Ronnie Corbett, and put The Two Ronnies along with Uncle Bark’s writing, on the map and was one of the most successful Double acts and Sketch shows ever made on British TV and all over the world.

Ronnie Corbett, of 'The Two Ronnies' British Comedy Team, Dies at 85 - The  New York Times

Two “Posh boys” which was a sketch for the Two Ronnies but was scrapped but was a nickname, and they did have similar backgrounds.

Uncle Corby grew up in London and worked as a Barrow Boy on the local market in Petticoat lane whilst he grew into perfoming in the evenings as a kid, a teenager and then a man, and loved Golf and Horses.

He even had his own Racehorses later in life and would go to Ascot and Newbury. He even became a Stable Boy for a while out in the country and then still trying to make it into the ShowBiz world.

Ronnie would work endlessly and never had a time where he was out of work as it kept coming and then when he met Uncle Bark, they formed into writing together and Uncle Corby was going to be in Porridge but he also was starring in the West End so couldn’t, and loved doing theatre more back then when he started to have more work in Comedy and Acting, and performed pubs and clubs doing stand up too.

His love of horses grew that at some point he did want to be a Racehorse trainer but it would have been tricky to do that and be a comedian and actor. His Golf was his relaxing activity he loved to do, and would play along with Bruch Forsyth, Jimmy Tarbuck, Des O’Connor, Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball. He found it to be his time and always made time for it.

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The other thing he loved was books. He loved when he later became the comedian and actor he dreamed of wanted a Study with loads of books, and love Encloypedias. He did love writing childrens books, but none were ever published, but still was a dream.

I am chuffed in that he loved the Secret Seven and Famous Five because he did and I hope they kept it in, did the voice of one of the characters from those books and has the full collection of the original publications.

The funny thing was, he did say “I’d love to meet Enid Blyton as I see her as a mother” until he was told who actually Enid Blyton was.

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Ronnie was the Little Fella with Glasses and was loved by all he worked with and accompanied. Uncle Corby I adored you and the memories I have for you will always be there and no longer forgotten. Thank you along with Uncle Bark and Sir David Jason for making us all laugh and making long lasting TV that everyone will always remember.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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