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Hello and welcome to my weekly Inspiring Stories post. This week I am talking about the musicality of the musical agenious, Fatboy Slim.

Now if you didn’t know he was in a band called, The Housemartins in my favourite decade the 80’s, and co-wrote many records such as the most famous one, “Happy Hour Again”, and the other song that they sang live in concert and is on Youtube,”The Caravan Of Love”.

He then once the band split up in the 80’s, continued to write and produce more music hits such as the “Weapon of Choice” and this song has a brilliant video featuring Christopher Walkin, who is a brilliant actor and just goes with the song.

Fatboy Slim is now a Top DJ and has played at many clubs, such as Minitry Of Sound and The Hammersmith Palais, which I would often visit being in my home town. It isn’t there anymore, but was a great place for music artistis, producers and DJ’s beginning their careers. He met his wife Zoe Ball through a famous Saturday morning TV show, which was Going Live on BBC 1.

He still produces music, but was diagnosed with having Crohn Disease so has been spending time with his family and friends that are very close to him. He and Zoe, who recently had her own morning show on a Saturday, DJ’s on Radio 1 and hosted It Takes Two for Strictly Come Dancing, have had children together and keep being reported of being split up, but they have not and love each other out of this world, in that she has helped raise awareness of Crohn Disease, aswell as helping him produce more music.

Fatboy Slim describes second child with Zoe Ball a reward for staying sober

Fatboy Slim helped develop the band, The Housemartins and worked in music from a very young age of 16 as his dad was a record producer and Radio DJ, but he too was diagnosed with Crohn Disease, and lost his battle a couple of years ago.

Zoe has helped raise awareness of Crohn Disease as there isn’t much information of why and when a person has it, and if it is heriditory or not, but has been on programmes like This Morning which is a Magazine show on the UK channel ITV, talking about it.

Here is the famous song by Fatboy Slim, “Weapons Of Choice” with the brilliant video that was made:

He loved music as a kid and would spend endless days in his bedroom creating music like me, with a keyboard and guitar, which his dad bought for him and some of his songs stemmed from when he was a kid.

I think this goes to show that even as a child when many adults thought that kids didn’t know better, do and as they say “The Rest Is History”, and when creating music or books even as a kid helps to remember that it isn’t just a job like any other, and something to celebrate and remember that kid all those years back.

If you would like to know more about Crohn Disease then check out this link below about it:

I hope you all have a good new year and I will be back with another Inspiring story next week.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X