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Here is a brilliant blog shared by aeisenbe


It gives details of what to do if you are being bullied and tips on how to handle your bully.


Here is a link to a PDF which shows an example of a Bullying policy, which you should have in an employment contract or handbook. In schools it is in usually in the school handbook they give you when you first start school, all parents should read the schools policies to check.

http://www.acas.org.uk/…/Bullying_and_harassment_employer_2010-accessibl…Sometimes it is what the eyes don’t see that can really be frightening when you find out that your child or a friend at work is being bullied. They can become withdrawn, isolate themselves as protection, continuously anxious and worrying, anything bad happens they can overreact because of the torment that bullying does. If you don’t see what is happening then it is hard to take action, but if you have any fear or worries that someone you know is being bullied, encourage them to take action, and speak out. Also tell them you are there for them should they need support and a shoulder to cry on. 

Bullying can happen anywhere and it happened to me at school and then when I was working, and witnessed bullying too. It can be an awful experience and it feel like it’s never going to change. That is why you need to speak out and get help. 

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